Friday, 16 April 2010

RAVE RAVE RAVE: Maybelline Liner Express

I have tried loads of liquid eyeliners in attempt to find THE perfect one. I have tried a benefit one, Rimmel glam eyes and exaggerate. I also had a brief fling with some gel eyeliners. I have tried MAC, Sleek, Pixi, Kate and Urban Decay Ink for Eyes.

The thing is... I had already found THE perfect eyeliner. When I was younger I had been using Maybelline Liner Express and totally forgot all about this product until a few months ago when I found the old container in my drawer. I quickly bought a new one and what can I say... This stuff is amazing. The brush is more of a felt pen style and is very thin and easy to use. From what I have seen from Lancome Artliner I can say that the 'brushes' are very similar, however I have not tried this product so I cannot do an in depth comparison. This product however is a much cheaper option. The colour pay off is very good and I've never had to go over a line twice.


If you haven't tried this eyeliner and you're looking out for a new one, give this a try. I don't think I'm ever going to use another!

Bryden x