Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow in Newcastle

Its been snowing in Newcastle for the last 4 days. This was me and my housemate, Claire, out in Newcastle last thursday. It's actually reaaallly nice going out in the snow. There's no-one about! Going to the pubs and clubs when its empty is just soo nice. No more waiting at the bar for 30 mins at a time!!

Me and claire soaking up the err, snow?

Newcastle's Christmas tree. If you look really closely you can see Claire.

Ever since the snow has fallen I have been out the house and loving every moment of it. I love being able to get around and do things without there being too many people! I the only think I dislike is the public transport. Stagecoach - Whatever the weather? I DON'T THINK SO.



  1. hey :)
    i read your comment on sandra beijers blog where you asked what "a boy around ones back" meant - i was reading the english translation as well, it was well weird! but i think they just meant a boy hugging you from behind.
    looks like you have quite a lot of snow as well ;) never heard you got so much snow in the UK - well, it's rather untypical, no?

  2. Hey! Yeah, I was a little confused!! I love Sandras blog. We get snow every year but it was quite bad this time round. There's still some still hanging around which hasn't melted yet!