Saturday, 4 July 2009

Mac Questionnaire!

I've seen a few blogs with this on and I wanted to get involved! Enjoy!

How long have you been using Mac?
Since I was 18. For 5 years now.

What was your first Mac product?
Studio Fix Fluid in NW15

What's your all time favourite Mac product?
Studio Fix Fluid. I always see myself coming back to it.

What's your least favourite Mac product?
Zoom Lash mascara. HATE it.

Do you own a Pro Card?

Your Mac foundation shade:

Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Studio Fix Fluid


Speed dial cremesheen

Cremesheen Boy Bait. I need to get my hands on another one of these! I wish I had gotten a back up when I could.

Blacktrack Fluidline.


Nail Lacquer:
I have the Hello Kitty On the prowl varnish. I don't find it to be anything special formula wise. I prefer other brands such as Barry M for nail varnish.

Pro Product:
I don't have one.

Prep + Prime Skin:
Never used.

Full Coverage Foundation:
Never used.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:
AWFUL. Broke me out. However, I do like the finish. I use this for special occassions.

Face + Body Foundation:
Never used.

Mineralize Satin Finish:
Don't like it. Made me feel greasy and the coverage wasn't great for me.

Studio Fix Fluid:
LOOOVE this! Covers well and lasts for ages.

Hyper Real Foundation:
Never used.

Select SPF15 Foundation:
It's alright. Nothing special.

Studio Tech Foundation:
Never used.

Studio Fix Powder:
Love this. I haven't had the guts to use this alone. I normally use this to set my foundation.

Studio Stick:
Never used.

Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:
Never used.

Beauty Powder:
I have Alpha Girl and Pretty Baby from the Hello Kitty collection. I use Alpha Girl as a blush but I'm not sure on how to use the other one. I like how the Alpha Girl works as a blush.

Sculpting Powder:
Never used.

Shaping Powder:
Never used.

Loose Blot Powder:
Never used. Not a fan of loose powders.

Pressed Blot Powder:
I like this.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
My favourite powder. I love the finish and it gives a little coverage as well. I would recommend this to anyone.

Mineralize skinfisish:
I used to use these all the time. I like them but I sometimes find them a little too much.

Bronzing Powder:
Never used.

Powder Blush:
Love the ones I have. Haven't came accross a bad one yet.

Never used but I would like to.

Mineralize Blush:
Really beautiful finish & consistencies. Love dainty, it's so beautiful!

Gel Blush:
I got Just a Pinch gel blush from the A Rose Romance collection. I like it but I don't find myself reaching for it all the time.

Cream Color Base:
I really want to try these.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
Love this. Covers well and you don't need a lot of product.

Select Cover Up Concealer:
I like this. I have this in the wrong shade though as I bought it online. It's a little too light for me. I still use it from time to time though.

Select Moisture cover Concealer:
Never used.

Studio Finish Concealer:
Never used.

Studio Stick:
Never used.

Lip Erase:
Never used and I don't want to. I think it's a little bit of a waste of money.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I like these.

Great range of colours. My fave is Speed Dial as mentioned before. I'd like to buy more cremesheen finishes.

I find them ok. I think they're a little sticky.

See Thru Lip Color:

Very nice. I'm overly fond of glitter on the face but I find these to be very pretty.

Cremesheen Glass:
I like these. They are sheer but I really like the consistancy. Less sticky then a lip glass.

Lip Gelee:
Never used.

Lip Pencil:
Never used. I tend to buy cheaper liners as I don't use them that often.

Solar Bits:
Never used but I'm thinking about buying some from Style Warrior.

Nail Lacquer:
Nothing special.

I heard about of mixed feelings about these so I decided to try them for myself. I got Cake Shop from the Sugarsweet collection. I loovvee the colour but I find them quite 'blah' performance wise.

Never used.

Paint Pots:
Constuctivist was one of my first Mac products and I used it alone for a very long time. I love paint pots as a base and on their own.

Eye Shadow:
Great product. Haven't had a bad one yet.

Never used. SHOCK HORROR. I really want to buy some but I am always put off by the price. If I do ever buy one I think my first will be vanilla.

Never used.

Eye Kohl:
I have used a friends breifly. I liked it but I prefer my prestige waterproof.

I reallly want to try these.

Love this. I always try other liners, make a mess and end up breaking out the Blacktrack to fix it.

Liquid Last Liner:
Never used.

Lustre Drops:
I looked at them in the current Style Warrior collection. I liked them but I think I could find dupes for them in cheaper brands.

False Lashes:
Have used. I find that they irritate my contact lenses though so I don't use them anymore.

ProLash Mascara,Zoom Lash Mascara,Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I've used ProLash and Zoom. I hate them.

What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?
A bought a lot from A Rose Romance and Hello Kitty so I'd say it was between those two.

Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?
I'm going to say Style Warrior. A lot of the colours are ones I personally would not wear.

What products do you think Mac are missing?
A good mascara!!!

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